Definition of Department:

The Department of History is one of the modern departments established by the University of May 8, 1945 in Guelma, where it was established with the beginning of the academic year 2003-2004. However, there has been a great development in terms of the number of students, the number of professors and the quality of their degrees.

The Department of History occupies the third floor of the "G" architecture of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, located at the Sujdani Bujma'a complex, in the city of Jalima. It includes various structures including the G12, F10 and a number of classrooms, a laboratory and specialized offices for teachers.

The department is managed by an administrative team consisting of the head of the department and a deputy, who serves as deputy head of the department in charge of teaching and teaching in the hierarchy, and an administrative staff consisting of 30 employees.

The department also has an elected scientific committee headed by the chairman of the scientific committee. It is specialized in the scientific affairs of the department (meetings, internships, and counseling in the field of pedagogic programs).

The supervision and supervision process is carried out by 23 permanent professors belonging to different scientific levels including:

- 05 Teachers of Higher Education,

- 03 Lecturers Lecturers Section "A",

- 05 Lecturer, Department B,

Assistant Professor, Department "A".

- 02 Assistant Professor Department "B".

The department is responsible for supervising and supervising a number of temporary professors with a total of 16 professors in various disciplines (history, media, languages, geography).

It is worth noting that the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has restructured its departments. The Department of History and Archeology has been a joint department since the establishment until September 2015, when the Department of History was appointed as a separate section of the Archeology Department. the University.

Professors who have been the head of the department since 2003

1 - Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sharqi (2003 to 2010).

2- Prof. Dr. Ramadan Borgheda (2010 to 2011).

3 - Dr. Abdul Malik Sultaniyah (2011 to 2013).

4 - Prof. Dr. Ramadan Borgheda (08/10/2013 until 16/09/2015).

5- Professor: Belkacem Marzouki (17/9/2015 until 23/10/2017).

6 - Dr. Ibrahim Brahmi: (October 24, 2017 -)

7 - Dr.: Rabah Ould Diyaf: Since:

Professors who have served as vice-president of the department have been charged with pedagogy since 2003

1- Prof. Dr. Ramadan Borgheda: (2006-2010).

2- Mr. Marzouki Belkacem: 2010 - 2013).

3 - Mr. Fouad Tuhara: 2013 - June 2014).

4 - Professor Shaouch Mahmoud: since September 2013.

6 - Professor senses Western: since September 2015.

7- Professor Abdelkader Mbarkia: since September 2017.

Professors who have been appointed Vice-President of the department responsible for scientific research and post-gradation since 2003

1 - Professor Zuhair Bakhosh: 2008/2010

2- Professor Belkacem Shaalal: 2010-2011.

3 - Professor Salwa Bouchareb: 2011-2013.

4 - Professor Belkacem Shaalal: since 08 October 2013 - 2015

5- Professor Abdul Karim Karin: since September 2015.

Professors who have served as the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Department

Prof. Dr. Saleh Farkous: 2006 - 2008.

Dr. Abdelmalek Slataniah: 2008-2010

Professor: Kamal Ben Mar: 2011-2013.

Dr. Yousef Qasimi: Since 2013 - 2015

Dr. Kamal Bin Mar: From November 2015 to today

- Pedagogical positions:

Specialist in the field of specialization in the field of specialization General History:

Dr. Abdelmalek Slataniah: 2010-2011.

Prof. Ramadan Suad: 2013-2014.

Prof. Dr. Kamal Ben Mar since November 2014.

Ms. Madour Khamisa: since 29 December 2016

Specialist in the master stage specialization General Date:

Dr. Saleh Farkous: Since November 2010

Prof. Dr. Khalidi Masoud: Since March 2017

Head of the specialization team in the master stage specialized history of the Middle Ages:

Professors Sanaa: since December 29, 2016

The current administrative staff

Head of Department: Dr. Rabah Awlad Diyaf

Deputy Head of Department in charge of teaching and education in the gradient:
Professor: Abdelkader Mbarkia
Chairman of Scientific Committee:
Prof. Kamal bin Maris
Administrative staff:
Lady: Hammadi Malika Rank: متصرف محلل

Ms. Hamayleh Aqila Rank: Senior technician in automated media

Msioud Hasina Rank: Extension Administration.